927 definition by Joe

To completley own someone in every way possible. To destroy their soul and entire meaning of existence, to utterly dominate them in a way that was previously thought impossible because of how bad they suck.
1. I fucking showed that dick wad the marker!

2. Dude, that kid markered your ass!
by Joe February 14, 2005

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when you shoot your load
oh oh yes oh here i come *bamp*
by joe October 13, 2004

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GOD ruler of all things great best poster on SS
nwo4life is god
by JOE November 24, 2003

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what a nasty person has. refers to 'the hep, herp and hiv' (hepatitus, herpes, h.i.v.)
That bitch is triple h.
by Joe March 12, 2003

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gin or ginnen is the most multipurpose word in the dictionary it can be used 2 describe anything such as angry dismay annoyance or even shitted
oh man i h8 that bitch i feel like ginnin her up the ass
by Joe April 08, 2004

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1. Midget Niggers. 2. usually not dwarfs or elves. Of being or pertaining to midget niggers.
The nigglet was in the movie theater
nigglet nigglets nigglet's
by joe January 01, 2004

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the feeling you have after you masturbate too hard and the cum is all over your mom's bedspread
oh man, i had one bad gimo last night...
by JOE July 26, 2004

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