An expression of success or approval.
That movie was teh win.

<guy_1> What's 3 + 4?
<guy_2> 7.
<guy_1> teh win
by Lav March 26, 2003
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Lame phrase thought up by internet nerds who have nothing better to do than sit on IRC and create catch-phrases from other people's typos. A pop culture thing.
the new lame-ass computer game that we're all obsessed with is TEH WIN!
by Nikki November 05, 2004
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Translates from internet slang to "I have Beaten you in a quarrel" or more directly as “I am the winner”

Often used in the “real world” for comedy effect.
steam player 1: where are yoo
steam player 1: theres just the two of us
steam player 1: muhaha
steam player 2: IZ SEE JOO FAGGOT
* steam player 1 recieved shot to the head by steam player 2
steam player 2: I AM TEH WIN1111111one
by Urban Dictionary July 16, 2006
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from some website, best desciped as thus
"argueing on the internet is like runnign in the special olympics, even if you win you are still a spastic"

a term to deride somebodys achivements or to just take the piss out of them
for doign somethign or beign someone stupid

you : you win teh prize!!!
by poomin May 10, 2004
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