927 definition by Joe

when person A proceeds to give what person B thinks is a blowjob, then simply holds the head of the penis in her/his mouth and proceeds to jerk person A off without actually doing anything with their mouth but holding the penis in it.
I was so happy that chick was finally gonna suck my dick then the bitch pulled a head fake on me.
by Joe December 10, 2004

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a WUL whore
my god dont be a silvio!
by joe August 04, 2003

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the action of sucking the juice from someones ass.
by Joe April 12, 2003

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Putting saran wrap over a chick's cooch while going out on her as to not get the nastyness on ur face in the process
I had to use a dental dan she was so nasty down there
by Joe February 06, 2004

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1. One who drives seemingly homosexual vehicles.

2. One with extremely large gums. Crossreference: John Elway

3. One who makes crappola out of glass.
While Mr. Ed had the world's largest teeth and gums for a horse, he was no Fricker66.
by Joe January 14, 2004

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ten pound note, so called because it has a picture of charles dickens on it boyeee!
how much do i owe ya?
jus gimme a chuck d mate
by Joe September 23, 2004

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To systematically dry fuck someone in the ass region until nuttin in ur underwear.
I defiled that bitch until i nutted myself.

Fuck that i dont wanna be defiled by fred.

ur fuckin dog is defiling my led homes!
by joe May 13, 2004

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