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a sticky substance which shoots out your penis like greased lightning.
David - O Bugga.... I Cummed on My Late Grandmothers Tv Control
by Joe Nazmdeh November 18, 2005

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A Womens VAGINA, Very Cosy place to store your penis;)
Andrew- Fuckin Hell i'd love to get a peek of bethany's quim!
by Joe Nazmdeh January 05, 2006

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when a girl pushes her beautiful babalons together and the man rams his erect penis up and down the middle of them.
Bernard- "Cor' Blimey Did I Give Margeret A fuckin' Last Night. And A Neat Tit Wank!"
by Joe Nazmdeh November 05, 2005

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All Shall Perish is a deathcore quintet from Oakland, California formed in 2002. All Shall Perish combines various genres, including death metal, deathgrind, metalcore, and sludge metal. All Shall Perish is known for their vocalizations of "pig squeals".citation needed Since 2005, All Shall Perish have delivered two records off of Nuclear Blast. The debut album, Hate, Malice, Revenge, was originally released by Japanese record label Amputated Vein Records in 2003. In 2005, it was re-released by Nuclear Blast and since then has received mostly underground acclaim. In 2006, The Price of Existence was released to largely positive critical reaction. The first single, "Eradication", was made into a video and is played on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball.

Guitarist Caysen Russo and vocalist Craig Betit only appear on the band's first studio album, they were both replaced, respectively, with Chris Storey and Hernan "Eddie" Hermida by the time of their second release.

The band has commented on a follow up to The Price of Existence, and in an interview mentioned, "After The Big Booty Business tour All Shall Perish will find itself writing its third full length album on Nuclear Blast Records. We are looking to have it out by next August/September.

"All Shall Perish Played Awsome Last Night"
by Joe Nazmdeh June 15, 2008

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Where A Man Masturbates Whilst Wearing A Condom.
Henry - "Fuck Did I 'Ave A Good Posh Wank Last Christmas Eve!"

Greg - "You Wanna Be Careful You Dont Snap Your Banjo Cord!"
by Joe Nazmdeh November 18, 2005

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A fuckin' stinky substance which builds up under your Bell end if you dont clean it regularly.
After being ill for a few days in bed, Timothy found that he had a large collection of Nobcheese (Smegma) waiting to be cleaned underneath his bellend.
by Joe Nazmdeh January 05, 2006

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Slang word meaning the shits aka diorrea.
Timothy - "Soz m8 i cant go cinema tonight I got the two bob bits, i'll be shittin like a horse"
by Joe Nazmdeh January 02, 2006

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