1.Guyanese word for Anal sex
2. Man being raped by another man
1. Those boys down the road will bugga any girl that passes through there
2. Boy, move from here before I send some boys to bugga you
Used to insult a person, no real meaning.
U are such a buggaman
Syaquille is a bugga
by niggablackmamba September 6, 2017
bugga - v, adj, n - used in place of fuck in Great Britain or by American boys that know their shit
Bugga her, I'll find me own way

Bug off


Oi then, what a bugga
by justinn October 17, 2007
He is my Bugga.
by CE Nifer December 11, 2015
89 camry driver... volvo driver... thuglife ass punjabi
bugga is a gangsta yo!
by javy_ October 23, 2007