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"Mi casa es su casa" or "mi casa es tu casa" (more informal) is Spanish for "My house is your house".
Mi casa es su casa, bro.
by jimmybone d May 13, 2008

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Added after a pun, a play on words mostly for a comic reception. Usually someone adds 'pun intended' when the pun isn't so clear, or to emphasize the pun.
Usually in brackets: (pun intended)

See also:
no pun intended npi
When Thou hast done, Thou hast not done. For I have more. (pun intended)
by jimmybone d April 21, 2008

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy or JF Kennedy for short.
The 35th president of the United States. He was elected in 1961 and then assassinated in 1963.

New York International Airport is known as John F. Kennedy International Airport and it's referred to as JFK.
JFK was killed by Jack Ruby.

The JFK flight leaves at 6 PM.
by jimmybone d April 21, 2008

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Verb. To undo the act of seeing something; to erase the memory of having seen something, or otherwise reverse the effect of having seen something.
Internet meme: What has been seen cannot be unseen.
by Jimmybone D May 12, 2010

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Not staying cool and in control. The opposite is to keep one's cool.
Don't lose your cool, man!

One will fail if one lose one's cool.
by jimmybone d May 27, 2008

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Only In America
<dude1> Heard about the cop who baked pot brownies and called 911?
<dude2> oia
by Jimmybone D February 24, 2009

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An invented French word coined by The Simpsons that means "being like Bart" (i.e., mischievous).
Bart: But it involves being a bit underhanded, a bit devious, a bit - as the French say - Bartesque.
by jimmybone D June 23, 2011

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