S = Stacey S = Step B = Bros
Stacey Step Bros
A group of streamers such as Adin Ross, Zane, Fattyhose, Stuffem, and Prime. They are originally from the 2k Community and are now mainly streaming GTA RP.
“SSB ON TOPsays Fattyhose
by IISplashinII March 7, 2021
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Can you believe he was sleeping with my wife? He "Sucky So Bad"
by DanielDiamond May 19, 2003
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"Secret Single Behavior." A term originating from the television show Sex and the City, a SSB is an action or habit that one indulges in only when alone. This refers especially to behavior that is hidden from one's significant other and could be potentially embarrassing (or disastrous) if discovered.
My personal SSB is eating a half-gallon of chocolate ice cream for dinner. I also dance around the apartment in underoos.
by Calthaer April 29, 2007
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A Person who was raised and grew up in the neighborhood of sunnyside
He/She Is a Real SSB
by Anthony McGee June 6, 2021
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Single, Sad and Bored. Many people of both sexes have experienced such feeling. It is usually used as fodder for masturbation.
Guy 1 "Man, I'm so SSB"
Guy 2 "You should jack it dude"
by SSBman November 22, 2009
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Super Smash Brothers, The greatest fighting game ever made. Its for N64 and much better then Super Smash Brothers Melee for Gamecube cuz of its simplistic beauty. Captain Falcon rocks all other bitches
I fucked you up in SSB cuz Captain Falcon is my homeboy
by Brody snoogans March 9, 2006
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stands for Sneaky Sour Bitch. A bitch who is sneaky and sour at the same time.
Hira is such a SSB. That's the best way to describe her.
by CGI Real Quick April 1, 2015
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