the rate of a person's progress in gaining experience or new skills.
"the latest software packages have a steep learning curve"
by Anarchist Hawke November 24, 2013
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Generally defines the amount of effort and/or time someone is willing to invest in learning something new.

A "steep learning curve" means more effort and/or time was required than they were willing to invest.
"OMG this new thing has such a steep learning curve!"
by namsupo September 06, 2015
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(1) Whenever somebody studies a certain subject, or learns a certain skill, finds it very hard as it progresses into its advanced levels.

(2) An expression said by someone who is struggling in learning something .

(3) A term used when one finds it hard in working through their goals.
(A) "How's the website you're making?"

"I don't know man, but Learning Curve's a Bitch."

(B) "When it comes to learning Quantum Mechanics, Learning Curve's a Bitch."

(C) "Learning Curve's a Bitch when you're trying to be on top in Law School."

(D) "You're planning to buy that game? Good luck, coz Learning Curve's a Bitch when you're playing it."

(E) "Winning is hard in Casino-level poker since the Learning Curve's a Bitch."

(F) "Trying to run for President is real hard since the Learning Curve is a whole new level, a Bitch level."
by RobAdler September 17, 2020
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A learning curve is the time in a young persons life when they experiment with that gay shit.
“Why does Meade seem so fucking gay” “must be going through the learning curve
by Yungdaggerrdickkkk September 25, 2018
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Description of someone extremely slow to pick things up.
Jim's been losing at three-card monty for 3 hours now - damn he's got a learning curve like a spirit level!
by Iain1977 January 29, 2008
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