your homebase, your sanctuary
do you want to go home?
by PakMan December 13, 2003
La mia casa è una villa / My house is a villa
by fio December 20, 2014
Homeside, home, hood...
CASA!Moi amigo, ete!
by VAKI5 November 15, 2003
to be casa means to be huge, and a bit of a casanova, originating from casadio
some random hero pulls a hottie

" CASA "
by jase April 29, 2004
Casaing (verb) in English is used for seeing places for a brief period of time, taking photos and checking it off your to-do list. Derived from the noun form of casa meaning a house for short duration stay.
(verb usage) Having only two days to site-see in Arizona, the group of tourists were casaing major places of interest - the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Glen Canyon.
by CasaGirl June 27, 2018
A sex God with a big dick and he is hispanic and likes pussy.
That guy is Casas.
by JJC59611 May 19, 2016