A word you use when your trying to act sexy, so you gather all of the information you learned in Spanish class when you were younger and then you shoot your shot.
“Hey baby, u wanna come over to mi casa”
by Gracequinlan May 11, 2020
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spanish for 'my house is your house'.

In the movie pulp fiction:

Vincent: Thank you. Mind if I shoot it up here?
Lance: Hey, mi casa su casa.

This happens when vincent goes to buy his stash before his date with Mia Wallace
by Aman Rai December 23, 2006
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"Mi casa es su casa" or "mi casa es tu casa" (more informal) is Spanish for "My house is your house".
by jimmybone d May 13, 2008
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"Mi casa es su casa" (formal) is Spanish for "My house is your house" a common saying to invite someone into your house and allow them to make themselves at home. It also carries a implied sexual connotation of granted permission to have intercourse during your stay.
As in Atlas Shrugged(movie):

Ellis Wyatt: There are several guest rooms upstairs help yourself...(evening valedictions)...Mi casa es su casa and so on.
by wkpsahl January 4, 2014
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