30 definition by Jerome

oral stimulation of the penis.

see fellatio
"I remember fondly when bosscap wasn't so hard to come by."
by Jerome July 01, 2004

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a contraction of "must have fucked a"
mustafucta is a good word
by Jerome March 19, 2004

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A terrier for Anti-Scrub. Also, a party pooper.
1:jerome> howbout we strip down and shag
1:brookus> howabout, we kill jerome
by Jerome May 27, 2004

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blood relatives; usually used to describe members of one's extended and distant family.
I'm going to visit our kinfolk in the country.
by Jerome October 18, 2003

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1. A really good spider in Continuum.
2. Holder of various TWL records.
1:jerome> so who's going to be here this TWL
1:Spybreak!> nope, count me out
by Jerome May 28, 2004

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an acronym for Jewish Persian Pride

Commonly used to show ownership over lesser poeple such as sefeeds
JPP 4ever (no joke)!!!!
by jerome May 07, 2005

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One who enjoys slapping young boys on their private parts, creating irregular sounds of pain
Wow, my dad is a real guzzle pants.
by Jerome February 14, 2005

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