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Someone devoted enough to a TV show, movie, or comic to dress up like a character from it; a cosplayer.
- What's up with the stupid clothes?
- Nothing, they're just costards.
by Jeremy March 01, 2005
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Only the COOLEST place on the net...nucka!. You gotsta be down to visit this site. Tara McRary is the trend-setter that sent all of us wanna-be college students to this place where we can live the college life....without living at the college. www.partyapp.com baby, keep it real
Tara McRary: I hate living this high-school life. I want to live like a crazy college student, but still live in my parent's house...can anybody help me?

Party App: Hell yeah, i can help you feel like a partying abercrombie model, but not take the risks of leavin your parent's house, getting alcohol poisoning, or getting date-raped caused by intoxicated-ness. It's all good on the net. Party your heart out, and then check your e-mail. no worries mate.
by Jeremy October 12, 2004
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Chicks who don't have their lisences or minta cars so they jus think they're the shyte riding round with guys who have both of the aformentioned. Usually of the skank variety.
"Dude look at that phat Rota!"
"Yeah shame about the car hoes in the back!"
by Jeremy June 03, 2004
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Something said when a mistake has happened.
I'm just going to put this over here and....OGEEZE!
by JEremy February 05, 2004
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When a young innocent female child star becomes a nude actress in big budget films.
Many people expect Hilary Duff and The Olsen Twins to get showgirl'd.
by Jeremy November 24, 2003
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Splashdown confirmation after pinching one from a height greater than or equal to three feet above the bowl.
gnnnnrrrr.. *sweat sweat* grnnnnn... *ploonk* ...ahhh. (flush)
by jeRemy May 04, 2003
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to make someone really crazy
he makamecrazy!
by Jeremy March 30, 2003
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