1) Pornographic material that does not show penetration, genitalia, or actual sexual activity, opposite of hardcore.
2) Anything that is either physically or inspirationally weak.
1) Cinemax is where all the best softcore material is found.
2) The reason Fred Durst is so softcore is because he can't stop thinking about Britney's tuna cassarole.
by Dusty Bottoms May 29, 2003
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The pornos that TMC, Cine-max and Showtime show. Doesn't show dicks/cocks or open vaginas/pussys. Usally involves dumb storylines, bad music and predictable plots that we still watch anyway to see the good stuff.
Watch TMC, Max or Showtime late at night and you will find some softcore delight.
by Mike August 8, 2005
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Softcore is a lesser, more ironic, version of hardcore.

Softcore is dipping french fries in ice cream, getting up and sitting back down into a chair that makes a farting noise so you can prove that its the char and not you that made the noise, realizing that you have so much junk on the passenger's seat of your car that the car thinks it's a person and the seatbelt light is going on, seeing that you're wearing brown socks with black pants, stuff like that.
"Dude, that open-faced sandwich is softcore"
by Swaziland-Beefsteak January 17, 2010
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A softcore gay erotic magazine or stroke book is allowed to show a man with an erection. But any other person nearby can only admire; no touching or penetration allowed. Nor can the tumescent model touch his own genitals although he could, for example, tweak one of his own nipples.

Interestingly, such softcore magazines are now at symbiosis with what most prisons (or penitentiarys) allow their prisoners in the way of pornography. Gay prison porn is gay softcore porn, and gay softcore porn is gay prison porn. The rules are similar for non-gay porn and female nude models.

"You know what's killing off the softcore magazines?"

"Vids, of course."

"Yes, and not only that but video goes hardcore (or XXX) all the time -- even amateurs do it!"

"Yup -- cumshots all over the place in gay and straight videos alike; all it takes is a home video camera and a minimum of Internet expertise."

by al-in-chgo March 5, 2010
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The music that defines the genre of emo; the opposite of hardcore (in the punk rock sense). Derived from the pornographic term, where "inappropriate" behaviors are depicted, but never viscerally, much like the music described above.
Just as rap music is a staple of hip-hop culture, so goes SoftCore for the emo culture.
by Mr. Flava July 22, 2008
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owning people softly by pooning them on the face. Harcore pooning = not cool. Softcore pooning = cool
omg i just softcored that guy..im m so leet i wish i could be like him
by softcore March 15, 2005
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