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LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL's like MLK Blvd.'s can usually be found in the urban ghettos of American cities. Usually, they contain a disproportionately high percentage of African-American and/or Hispanic students.
"I went to Lincoln High School, so you know it was not private, and it was not prep."
by Jean January 21, 2005
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woman's private part, sex organ, slang for woman
She's had an itch in her kweek.
by Jean February 19, 2005
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Damn, I was tony'd again and didn;t even realize it.
by Jean February 19, 2005
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Survival looting, a legal way to get goods to survive in times of disaster or in a state of emergency
The victims of Hurricane Katrina have to loot to survive, they are not looting, they are sooting.
by Jean September 3, 2005
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Jean and Tina are way tasty!
by Jean May 30, 2003
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an undertermined amount of something
use a puckle of pepper in the soup to your taste
by Jean March 27, 2003
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Adults who grew up in the Northgate neighborhood (Northgate Nation) in Northborough, MA during the 1950's, 60, and 70's. Baby boomers, Generation Jones and Latch Key kids who are now adults that reunite today in the members club known as Northgate Kids.

Northgate Kids really had a great time on Halloween.
by Jean December 10, 2007
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