Women who are native to places like Europe and the Caucasus. They are usually fair skinned and come in different hair and eye colors. They also come in different body types and hair types. They are usually regarded as beautiful around the world for their features and coloring. Blonde haired and blue eyed White women especially are seen as more unique and put on a higher pedestal due to their rarity.
Even in non-White nations, the White woman is usually regarded as beautiful.
by Leolabido June 10, 2017
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1 - Engaging in activities usually associated with white women.

2- The act of being white while also being a woman.
Martha Stewart is an expert at white womaning.
by Detroit82 December 30, 2021
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a term that refers a fair-skinned, caucasian woman, usually with Western Europe ancestry but also found in other parts of the world. Though their skin tone does not vary as much as that of other races and the most common hair and eye color are brown among the group, some possess red or blonde hair and/or varying colored eyes. Although the media, controlled by white men, try to persuade society that this is the ideal woman, men of other cultures still prefer women of their respective culture.
In western media, a white woman are often the object of desire because the western media is controlled by white men.

A blonde-haired blue-eyed white woman in nations that have not been brain washed by the white-controlled media would appear strange to the people, while any woman of color would look exotic and desirable to the people of western Europe.
by trymefool678 November 29, 2011
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Refers the original women from Europe. They are the most unique race and can have red, blonde, black or brown hair. They also can have blue, green, brown, or gray eyes with brown being the least common. They're often the target of jealousy from women of other races. Who try to imitate them by bleaching their hair to make it blonde, and wearing colored contact lenses to make their eyes blue. Contrary to popular belief white women don't tan because they aren't happy with who they are, nor do they do it intentionally . Other races can have blonde, or red hair too, but more than likely that's because they have European ancestry.
Black Man: I saw these Latinas where being mean this white woman in a club.
Black Man 2: That's because they were jealous of them.
by nbunch81 April 17, 2016
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The type of woman that would call the police if you accidentally touch her tomatoes while tryna plant your own.
man1: what kind of person is Mellisa
man2: she’s a WHITE woman
by TheOnePersonman August 3, 2023
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In the workplace, the peculiar condition that turns a friendly, kind white woman co-worker into a raging bitch as soon as she becomes the boss. White woman syndrome is the result of a woman's internal gender need to prove to everybody that despite being female, she's just as competent and effective as her male counterparts. A boss affected with white woman syndrome fulfills this gender need not by actually managing well and performing good work, but rather by micromanaging, insulting, and being condescending to her employees.

This condition does not seem to affect any other race/gender combination, just white females.
My co-worker Ashlie was so sweet, but as soon as she got promoted, her white woman syndrome kicked in. Now she yells at me for being 5 minutes late to work.

My boss has white woman syndrome. She questioned my competence at 8 a.m. this morning for not immediately proofreading a letter I got at 10 p.m. last night.

She was so nice during the interview, but my boss must have had white woman syndrome because now she treats me like I'm 8 years old.
by tortured employee November 6, 2010
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The process of indignation that sweeps over a woman of caucasian descent, in which she believes her thoughts words and actions are above reproach and infallible; especially in the presence of minorities or dissenting opinions by other members of her race or authority figures. Be it at a barbecue in the park, a condo door entrance, or the parking lot attendant booth, she is right, you are wrong, and you owe her an apology and undying fealty for crossing her path.

While this condition can seemingly be found in women of other races, there is a level of unquestionable umbrage and privilege combined with an immunity to facts and logic that only seems to be extended to and affects white females of a certain persuasion.
This lady at the park has white woman syndrome. She questioned why I was sitting on the grass enjoying the sun, because she doesn't think I belong there. Then she called the cops on me, and yelled at them when they refused to ask me to leave.

My neighbor has white woman syndrome, she stopped me from entering the buildings front door last night, because I can't possible afford to live there, and she knows everyone. She started screeching at me after following me to my door and watching me open it with my keys.

This Becky has white woman syndrome, she's angry that my date and were seated to a couples table, before her and her big ass family, even though we got here at the same time. Now she's lying to the manager and asking for a comp meal, before they've even ordered.
by nationaltelex February 25, 2020
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