17 definition by Jean

jeanuis, the philosphy of JJ, thinking like Jean
She believed in jeanology and practiced it.
by Jean February 18, 2005

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Unlike false belief, the fact the name "Jean" is associated with hobbo is simply Urban Legend. The name is usually more fitting to those tall, spindly folk with names such as "Nathan."
Nathan is the true hobbo.
by Jean February 25, 2004

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when a female find out her boyfriend penis is too short and she cannot work with it. The hockey puck phenomenon in action.
I totally went down on Larry last night and definitely got choded.
by Jean March 07, 2005

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White woman in Harlem, upset at the world, mad as hell.
When I heard what he did I was a white woman in Harlem
by Jean February 18, 2005

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woman's private part, sex organ, slang for woman
She's had an itch in her kweek.
by Jean February 18, 2005

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Survival looting, a legal way to get goods to survive in times of disaster or in a state of emergency
The victims of Hurricane Katrina have to loot to survive, they are not looting, they are sooting.
by Jean September 03, 2005

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Lesbian woman you meet at a gay bar who has the Uhaul at your door the next day.
Ugh..what are those two bunk a dunks doing with that truck across the street.
by Jean February 19, 2005

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