388 definition by Jay

Originally just a misspelling from people typing too fast, "teh" has become a word used by net.writers to exemplify people who are ignorant or simply not thinking clearly (perhaps because they're typing too fast).
I was reading a fundamentalist site the other day, and the writer was all upset about kids listening to rock'n'roll. He believes it's TEH DEVIL MUSIC FROM HELL.
by Jay August 09, 2003

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To prepare a pornographic actor for a sexual scene.
To arouse a participant in preparation for a recoreded sexual act.
His evening job was a fluffer.
I was fluffing this guy...
Inadequately fluffed star.
by jay July 29, 2003

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An insult, expressing disapproval or disgust.
When the boss told me I was fired, I told him to 'eat me!'
by Jay February 15, 2005

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a handsome, intelligent, athletic, and perfect in every way man
karlo is so versatile
by jay June 09, 2003

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The process of taking a shit in the tank of a toilet instead of the bowl so when the next person flushes, all the shit goes into the bowl
Taking a shit in the tank instead of the toliet is upper decking.
by Jay December 26, 2003

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n. Somebody from Barbados
by jay July 14, 2003

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a urine soaked hell hole
I hate school!
by Jay June 02, 2004

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