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a substitute for shit in a situation where you can't curse words. e.g. a high school sporting event, a youth soccer game. (very useful when you have gotten halfway to making a curse word mistake, a faux pas, shit morphs into shingle quite naturally.)

Don't think you sound odd, you sound polite in front of other people's kids.
Oh my, shingle, that was a horrible call.

Shingle. Shingle. Shingle.

Holy shingle. You gotta be kidding me.
by JakeinthedirtyD March 07, 2008

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the man, the powers that be, the state, esp. when referring to the government in power. Often refers to a faceless entity, powers unseen that exercise control.

Occasionally refers to unelected or unremovable powers. A dictatorship or totalitarian state. Big Brother.
The Bush administration is making the rules.

Microsoft's administration could give a rat's ass whether or not you like Vista, it is coming pre-installed.
by JakeinthedirtyD March 01, 2008

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something that looks like the real deal, but is actually rather less than that just average.

Originally started as marijuana slang, it referred to weed that looked like the mack daddy, but was actually only middies. So the "pretendica" has now become generally thus, something that looks great, but is actually only okay, so-so, average at best.

something that has the capacity of pretending or is in the act of pretending or faking it.

pretending, faking, fronting.
He said that club was the diesel, but it was really kind of pretendica.

The girl thought that she had a hot ride, but it was total pretendica.

"Was it the shit, man?" -"Naw, it was pretendica."


"It was some scenester shit, yo. Total pretendica."
by JakeinthedirtyD January 21, 2008

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doing well, flush, usually with cash money, possibly with other resources.

e.g. When it comes to oil, Saudi Arabia is rollin' in it. When it comes to good headies, Humboldt County is rollin' in it.

The etymology predates the now common ecstasy usage/reference, wherein X'ing or being high on ecstasy is referred to as rolling. (rollin')

His operations were all making money, he was rollin' in it.

When it comes to oil Saudi Arabia is rollin' in it.

When it comes to good headies, Humboldt County is rollin' in it.

by JakeinthedirtyD March 01, 2008

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when something is sick and wrong, even gruesome, but yet somehow still enthralling. One can’t condone or perhaps even accept what one is seeing, but one can’t look away either. Jackass, a public hanging, a NASCAR crash, two girls 1 cup, instant replays of a football injury, much of reality TV.
Dude, that was a bittersick sack LT laid on the Skins quarterback last night! Did you see it? The bone was sticking out of his leg. And they showed the replay over and over. Bittersick.

What that guy ate on Fear Factor last night, that shit was bittersick.
by JakeinthedirtyD February 01, 2009

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to write something with your thumbs, most typically on a cellphone or other handheld pda.
Hold on a sec, Phil, I just got thumb out this text and I will be ready to go.

I was trying to drive, change the song and thumb out something on my phone at the same time; that's why I didn't see you.
by JakeinthedirtyD March 15, 2011

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1.Tall tales

2.Self-help books for writers.
Example 1: You gonna write one of your metafiction blog posts about how last night with that girl turned out? Too bad she ditched you. Nobody on the internet has to know that though.

Example 2: Wow, I really enjoyed A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. I think I am going to go write some metafiction about my friends and my life now.
by JakeinthedirtyD February 22, 2009

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