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something that looks like the real deal, but is actually rather less than that just average.

Originally started as marijuana slang, it referred to weed that looked like the mack daddy, but was actually only middies. So the "pretendica" has now become generally thus, something that looks great, but is actually only okay, so-so, average at best.

something that has the capacity of pretending or is in the act of pretending or faking it.

pretending, faking, fronting.
He said that club was the diesel, but it was really kind of pretendica.

The girl thought that she had a hot ride, but it was total pretendica.

"Was it the shit, man?" -"Naw, it was pretendica."


"It was some scenester shit, yo. Total pretendica."
by JakeinthedirtyD January 21, 2008
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Weed that looks like dank bud, but doesn't get you that high.
This shit is pretendica.
by zulu June 16, 2003
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