a county located in northern california with a population of 140,000. where you can find the worlds tallest trees, more than 100 miles of stunning pacific coast, six rivers and the humboldt bay making sports fishing, whale watching, hiking, bird watching kayaking, hiking, hunting and ATV sports some of the favorite local activities. there are many historic towns known for the arts, food & wine and victorian architecture. the redwood coast has many visual artists, writers, and performers with national reputations it boasts the highest number of artists per capita in california. home to humboldt state university. known for award winning micro brewerys, timber, fishing, dairy and marijuana.
Humboldt County the land of fog and huge ass trees.
by Humboldt Hospitality April 24, 2012
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County located up in Northern California known for marijuana, the beauty of redwood trees, and logging. Beautiful scenery and some cool people, but has a load of tweakers and and a corrupt police force. I mean the biggest building in Eureka, the county seat, is the jailhouse. If you are looking to grow or smoke weed or go into the logging industry, go for it. Otherwise, stay the fuck away from Humboldt. It has some of the narrowest culture in human civilization.
Humboldt County is so beautiful yet so shallow
by chuckdizzle December 20, 2004
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the best place on earth to get blased!!!

tons of kill for cheap, where everyone is cool as long as your cool with them

beatiful scenery, and full of hippies, but thats what makes it home.

just watch out for Eureka, and Mckinleyville, those towns suck ass, but anywhere else is awesome
dont give me that bammer shit
i need that shit from humboldt county
by Hilarious Darius August 23, 2006
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A County located up in Northern California known for marijuana and meth addicts. Anybody with a brain leaves this place and never comes back. The people who stay or return are usually white trash and/or hicks who realize their backwards thinking won't cut it in the modern society and hence they have to return to Humboldt County to smoke some weed or tweak on meth to forget that they are losers.
Golly gee I drove past the Redwood curtain and saw so many people in the big city I shitted on myself and immediately came back to Humboldt to get high on weed and meth.
by Mac High Alumni December 29, 2010
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Title of marijuana anthem by country rock band I See Hawks in L.A.
When I cross that line I'll be feelin' fine in Humboldt.
by Latteforthisguy May 23, 2006
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a weed haven in northern california. The best weed on the west coast, and some of the best buds in the world. but watch out for the police.
by hypercube August 14, 2005
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"Humboldt" County is a beautiful place in northern California where the weed grows high and the people get even higher!! To bad there are also a gazillion tweekers there to, thats why I moved!! Still have to love "Humboldt"!!
I was high as a kite when I saw some tweekers tearing a car apart in downtown Garberville last week when I was up in "Humboldt"..
by X - Homboldt Hottie March 31, 2004
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