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some one who changes for money
if my band became famous and then people started likeing other music so we started playing that even though we dont like that kind of music just for more money
by josh September 04, 2003
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(n) Derived from either one of two sources:

software as in computer software


wares - An immaterial asset or benefit, such as a service or personal accomplishment, regarded as an article of commerce. ( typically a generic term for any number of items in a store's available merchandise )

The generic term warez (pronounced as "wares" with a z instead of s) denotes any of a number of illegal material that is distributed without the owner's consent (note; the owner of software is always the company, not the user) including but not limited to: software, games, music, eBooks, movies, emulator ROM files, etc.

note: category subdivided into such things as Gamez, Appz, Mp3z, etc
-How did you get that expensive software?
-It's warez.

I was downloading some warez the other day and I found this virus in one.. ;)
by Josh October 04, 2003
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The baddest motherfucker in these parts.
"You so fine."
by Josh January 27, 2005
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Made by my friend, Shawn.
"I got laid today"
by Josh June 22, 2004
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"balls" is refering to someone's ego

so busting someone's balls would be making them insecure in some way

busting one's balls could be messing with them, annoying them, teasing them, embarrasing them, etc.

they use this phrase a lot in the movie "The Goodfellas"
by Josh June 23, 2006
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Beef in cylindrical form.
Slang for male genitalia.
My, that's a tasty tubesteak! I sure like it in my mouth!
by josh November 05, 2002
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To skip school or any school-related activity, like school assembly.
I'm going to sluff 8th period.
by Josh December 25, 2004
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