523 definition by JOSH

(verb) To have one's finger broken by the football while attempting to catch a particularly hard-thrown pass.

Comes from Brett Favre's notoriety for throwing one of the hardest balls in the NFL and having broken several of his receivers fingers on multiple occasions throughout his career.

also acceptable: Brett favre'd
"How did you manage to break your pinky?"
"Oh, I was Brett Favre'd by John in the tackle football game we had last weekend."
by Josh November 29, 2004

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Very visible.
Something that stands out.
by Josh October 11, 2003

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Project Rockstar its not just for Christmas its for life. Once you join you will never leave (See addiction)
Home of Codemonkey.
A banner a day will make the pop ups go away.
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by Josh February 21, 2004

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to get burnt deep in a football game
You just got Moss'd.
by Josh December 07, 2003

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when a woman's clitoris hangs down and looks like the gizzard of a turkey's neck.
Lauren was wearing a bikini and her turkey gobbler was hanging out the bottom
by JOSH April 05, 2005

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Extreme exhaustion brought on my excessive masturbation.
Whew I am exhausterbated.
by Josh August 07, 2004

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a. Midget
b. someone you own
haha look at that lil bitch
go get the ball, yea u lil bitch
by josh March 27, 2003

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