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crip; what crips call eachother
whats goin down cuz
by jojo August 13, 2003
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Cap, a take on the ever popular "Jap" (Jewish American Princess), is simply a Christian girl raised in a jewish envrionment who wants nothing more than to be jewish. She owns the usual Jewish clothing staples- Juicy, Kate Spade, Seven Jeans, Citizens of Humanity, Coach, Louis Vutton, etc. etc. She straighens our her already basically straight hair, unlike that of her jewish, curly haired counterparts. She is taller than the average jew, and wishes to be slightly shorter so she too could smash her feet into 4 in heels and not tower over NJB's (nice jewish boys). Jewish mothers accept these women like they would a JAP, and reconize them as one of their own. These women will marry Jews, and assimilate into Jewish society by converting and raising proper whiney jewish children.
OMG, that girl is so Cappy, shes almost as Jappy as Rachel!
by JoJo February 23, 2005
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The lowest quality of a person, place or thing.

A carry-over from a Simpsons episode in which Lisa wants to purchase an Ikea knock-off, and Marge says "why don't you get this instead?" Lisa replies, "but Mooom, that's Klooge Brand. Pupla is way better!" So therefore, if Pupla is the best brand, Klooge would be second, ergo, Ass Brand would be the worst.
She stole my sale, that bitch is sooo Ass Brand!
by JoJo July 20, 2004
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1) v: social interaction within the Colorado Springs, CO Urban area. Activities include Bar-hopping, Putt-putt, and Bowl-a-roki. Usually restricted to those w/o families.
2) v: pro-creating at an abnormally young age. See example.
1) Matt, Whatcha doin tonight? Springsin', baby. Springsin'.
2) ... is married, with a child!?. Yeah, too much springsin' as a teen.
by JoJo October 28, 2004
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A urban legend with a bit of fried green beans
his mind had a lumis confunction
by JoJo January 06, 2005
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To whine, in front of people. In pursuit of sympathy.
His life is so hard, he just likes to wheeple.

Quit wheepling you fugly smacktard.
by JoJo July 20, 2004
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Really Hot Irish girl
Man Britney spears is such a larkyn
by jojo July 10, 2004
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