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his mind had a lumis confunction
by JoJo January 06, 2005
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She is typically a large snob who thinks she is above every body else. She is one of the most popular people you will ever meet. You can see her on the runway and all over the internet.
Wow, look at her. She is so snotty and popular. She must be a Makenzie.
by JoJo December 18, 2014
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The act of really fuckin someone over. Much in the same way the white man has fucked over everyone else.
Wow, man. That was mighty white of you to run over that guys dog because he had a problem with you fuckin' his retarded sister after you got her drunk as hell.
by JoJo August 24, 2004
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My Definition is a belief is so strong that I am so powerful even more powerful than god
I am paronaid of all things and make sure all my phones are not tapped
I say bring it on to take over the world
Any one standing in my way is un patrotic
I am to powerful for my boots
Bring it on we can take the world
I hear voices
You know I am god and he made me do it
by JoJo August 01, 2004
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