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regular weed
I wanted the chronic but Reggie was the only one hanging out.
by jojo November 14, 2002
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a totally hot chick.
dang - she's totally misty
by jojo February 27, 2005
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a best friend, originally british slang, its just awesome
my bestie just gave me a cookie! OMFGWTF!!!!!11111!!!!!!!11!
by Jojo November 19, 2004
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cali; tha west side of tha US;
im movin to los angeles over on tha westcoast

westcoast is tha best coast
by jojo August 13, 2003
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expression of admiration, or satisfaction, especially in regards to the shape and beauty of a female
A beautiful girl with a tight body walks by and you look at her and say "Ahhhhhhhhhh sookie sookie, now!!"
by jojo October 24, 2003
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Smart ass remark made mostly by grade schoolers. Usually in response to a "where" question, but sometimes used by losers just to get attention.
Hey, have you seen my pencil?
Yeah, up your butt and around the corner!
by jojo December 23, 2004
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A really irritating, corny way of saying anyhow.
I think I am so cool by changing the word anyhow to anyhoo, but I am not. I sound stupid, but anyhoo, I have work to do.
by Jojo March 04, 2003
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