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Of ethereal beauty; extremely beautiful; usually referring young girl with perfect features, blond hair and light eyes.
Karen is angelically beautiful.
by Jojo November 30, 2004
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A really irritating, corny way of saying anyhow.
I think I am so cool by changing the word anyhow to anyhoo, but I am not. I sound stupid, but anyhoo, I have work to do.
by Jojo March 4, 2003
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fannybit is a rabbit with a fanny stuck to its face and its tail is a leg and its lefy eye is a fag
that guy looks like as "fannybit" lets go shoot him with cross bows.
by Jojo February 23, 2005
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An obvious POS that does nothing good whatsoever for dial-up customers.
Hmm...you suck...or do you have Earthlink?
by Jojo May 20, 2004
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A large grey animal from africa and asia.
I went to see the elephant at the zoo today
by Jojo August 9, 2004
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