You don't know nothin bout what pain is sucka, I'll put ya ass underground like a train conducta ! mothafucka!
This kid brings rap to the next level...
by M a F i December 1, 2003
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the sicket mc comin out of NYC since B.I.G.
"even my father knows,
where the revolver goes,
ill bring the beef to ya front door like dominos"
illest MC to mayb ever come out of the hood.
by queensfinest March 25, 2005
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A member of G-Unit.
Got shot 2 times, had to run himself to the hospital and got hit by a car on the way.
Good rapper.
Lloyd Banks drops that ill shit.
by nyne mil November 29, 2003
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OMG...R U SERIOUS?! SICKEST MC OUT THERE!! Lyrics of PAC, with the flows of BIGGIE!!!
"These Hoes want me to stop, and this is the worst part, I was born with this game, like BIRTHMARKS!"

"Cuz I been stuck on the road, every day KFC. As soon as I'm done, she on her knees ASAP!"

"I'm tired of u niggas wit ur maybe beef, we gon be here forever u temporary, like BABY TEETH!"

"I aint a wresteler, but I'll put u'r bitch in the BOSTON CRAB!"

"When I'm done with her, it'll look like she dove head first into COOL WHIP!"

"I never thought I'd bump into u, in another town. That's why I make sure I keep a pack of rubbers round!"
by Oz3 December 13, 2003
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Llyod banks is nice with his, he is a clever MC. His lyrics make you think and laugh at the same time.
She wanna rack up her brooms, I ain't got no more room left wild drama section 8 princes my foreign chick bad, but she been stress cause it's hard to communicate cause she don't speak-a no english
by Darien body December 5, 2003
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The best rapper in G-unit, better than 50 by like a Million times
by AC October 24, 2003
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Reigning master of the hip-hop methaphors.
Why you wit him if his troops don't buck/
I'll have the coroner wrapping you in plastic like a Fruit Roll-Up/
I get brain like every female in my past's intelligent/
And go through more nuts than the average elephant/
They actin' like they own slugs and armoury/
But if we bump heads they be talkin' faster than Bone Thugs N Harmony"
by Ziggss November 12, 2003
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