Known as Greenwood Avenue.

Greenwood Avenue was populated by successful African American families, businesses, hospitals and churches. All this would change on May 31. A young black man was accused of attempting to rape a white woman in a Tulsa elevator. Later, a rumor flew through the community that a lynch party was forming. Several young black men formed a defense party. At the courthouse they encountered a group of white men. Strong words (and some say bullets) were let loose. A pitched gun battle began right there on the spot. Soon, the white rioters forgot about their immediate targets and concentrated on looting and burning Greenwood Avenue. The mayor had to call in the National Guard from Oklahoma City to end the violence. In the aftermath, dozens of people, black and white, were dead. The exact body count is still unknown. Greenwood Avenue was completely gone; burned to the ground. Fortunately, many residents refused to be scared away by the riots, and rebuilt the neighborhood. The scars from the ordeal, however, haunt many African American residents of Tulsa to this day.
Black Wall Street was an African American Holocaust in America that was not included in our history books.
by Victor Unegbu April 13, 2005
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Black Wall Street orginally began in the Fillmore District in the Bay Area. The Game got the idea of BWS from JT the Bigga Figga when they collaborated in the earlier stages of Game's career.
"He basically ran off with it and acted like he created it, but he got it from me." -JT the Bigga Figga
by iLLA August 01, 2005
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the black wall street was started by the game for the social development of west compton
yo im all for black wall street
by paul March 24, 2005
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Black Wall Street is The Game's new record label. It will be part of the Interscope/Aftamath/Shady/G-Unit empire and will specialize in new age west coast gangsta rap.
Yo, Game gonna hook his homies from the corner of Wilmington and Brazil in West side Compton with contracts on Black Wall Street.
by A guy February 24, 2005
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Black Wall Street Records is a Hip-Hop recording company founded by Westcoast Compton rapper The Game in 2004. The name Black Wall Street is adopted from what was the racially segregated Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Though the company hasn't released an official retail album, it has released several mixtapes including the "Black Wall Street Journal" and "BWS Radio" series.
Some of the artists from Black Wall Street Records include: The Game, Juice, Clyde Carson, X.O., Shyne, Elijah, Nu Jerzey Devil, Southsider, and The Menace. Former artists include: Eastwood, Glasses Malone, Techniec, Cyssero, Vita, Charli Baltimore and Young Life.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ November 09, 2009
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The Black Wall Street District (Est. 1998) in Oakland is California's premiere African American spiritual, arts and commerce District. Taking a page out of the history books of Tulsa, OK (1830-1921) the district stretches from High Street to the San Leandro border along International Boulevard. Along Black Wall Street you will find Haywood Karate School, 55th Avenue Tire Repair, Hamiltons Beauty Supply, Rider's Auto Detail Center and AM/PM Mini Mart. You will discover the best Soul Food and Sea Food at Holiday Fish & Soul Food Restaurant and The Soul Food Kitchen.
Black Wall Street District activities include our annual Black History month celebrations, business luncheon events, networking luncheons, social events, periodic special events such as business expos and health fairs. BWSMA s' membership are comprised 369 district local merchants, 1,272 national businesses, 12 national and local organizations, people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds. Merchant membership benefits include participation in the monthly 1st Saturday's Business Development Workshop, networking sessions promoting trustworthy professional relations; opportunities to pursue additional sales, leads and referrals; and venues to meet others and to promote businesses, products and services.
by karen sapp November 21, 2008
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