to hook in wif a chik is to perform sexual activities with them, possibly even root em. people normally try to hook in wif chiks at parties and/or whilst pissed.
Tommo: ben try hook in wif dat hot bitch ova dere
ben: ok
(ben ventures off and then very soon after chattin up the chik he goes into the bedroom wif her. 10 minutes later he comes out looking satisfied wif himself. ben has just hooked in!)
by benjohnson April 29, 2005
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Hooking up with men for money. Not necessarily selling her body.
This has more to do with fishing men and catching money - a developed skill.
She be hookin customers in that cafe for years. (playing men for bigger tips)
by chas November 24, 2003
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Hook in is what you say to someone when they are talking to a girl. It's sort of self explanatory.
Joe: Sooooo Samantha, how are you?
Me: Hook in!! DATY biatch!
by Stut April 07, 2005
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