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Black Wall Street, A Compton based Rap organization created by the rapper The Game
by Sqwizzy_BWS July 19, 2005
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Broke Wrist Syndrome. This is a term for a gay man. Most suffer from this. The flamer usually have a tendency to wave his hand around in a girlish way like a female. Thus suffering from BWS!
Look at that flamer with BWS!
Does he suffer from BWS? (Referring to if that guy is gay.)
by Jencredible April 18, 2008
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acronym for the sometimes-fatal condition: Because of Women Stress.
This disease of the mind afflicts mostly men, but some women are known to suffer occasionally as well.
Me: *sigh*
Friend: What's wrong man?
Me: BWS.
Friend: Damn women, which one did it to you this time?
Me : *sigh*
by jelrevyn September 20, 2008
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You: Hey check out this video. Its super creepy. When you see it, you'll shit bricks.

by thecakeisaliefdsfgs July 23, 2010
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Bulletin Withdrawal Syndrome.

For those who can't stop posting them and for those who have to go on MySpace JUST to read them, if not they get tetchy and can't sit still. In their mind they are simply thinking of how to get to the nearest computer and access their MySpace.
Girl 1: I can't wait to get on MySpace later. I could have missed some interesting bulletinshizz!

Girl 2: You're shaking, pacing and you're zoning out. You ought to get that checked out, sounds like BWS. You can only get it from MySpace addiction.
by PrettyBlackRoses March 30, 2009
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