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when a woman uses a fruit or veggie to masturbate with.
Nikkie pulled a dirty vegan when she found a fruit.

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The point where the male ejaculates in the mouth of a girl and she sneezes and the cum runs out of her nose.
nikkie was giving ian head then she cumchooed all over his dick.

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Its when a man takes laxatives and shits till he bleeds and the girl spreads his cheeks and licks it.
Ian took laxatives and was shitting blood when nikkie started to spread his the red moses.

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having several fingers inside your partner.
Ian was feeling kinky so he used his girl as a bowling ball.

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a man or woman having dingle berries.
Ian has dingle berries so he has berries in season

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when a man's pubic hair reaches out longer than his penis does.
Ian's dick is so small he has a wild mushroom

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