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She is the definition of wonderful. Although taken for granted by some, those who truly know how incredible she is will always love her. Nobody is perfect, but Nikkie comes pretty close. Only those who are fools would dare turn down Nikkie for a date. She is what every guy could ask for, no matter what, she will be caring and loving as long as you are caring and loving for her. Nikkie is not a cheater. She may need time to warm up to you, but be patient, for she is well worth the wait. Any guy would be lucky to have her.
Lucky Guy: Hey did you see that Nikkie?
Unlucky Guy : Ya. What about her?
Lucky Guy: I'm dating her.
by Nikkielover February 06, 2010
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A girl actually known as a red head. She's also smart, loves to smile, and is very grumpy when she does not get her sleep so don't piss her off she'll kick ass. She is very good at math and advance, she loves to hang around and has many close friends but a few bestfriends her true friends begin with M, L, K and D and we could be wrong but so much more. She may be good in singing and also and is very creative. (N)ever gives up although she may feel liking breaking down (I)ntelligent but sometimes lazy (K)inky at times (K)iddy at times but still sane (I)interesting (E)xcellent. That is the acronym to the name Nikkie, she is a very great girl.
You'd be lucky to have a Nikkie or even be friends with a Nikkie.
by JustYourAveragePerson October 06, 2010
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