A very charismatic and hyper person. Very good looking too. Ian's do not care what anybody thinks and always stays true to himself. It is easy to get annoyed by an Ian because they say and do whatever they feel. However, Ian's have a soft spot in their heart and have a deep desire for romance. They usually express what they feel through music because they do not want other people to know the serious and romantic side of them.
Ian is so annoying sometimes, but also really hot and funny.
by Jennifer Baer February 13, 2017
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An alias for the infamous Discord senior developer called "Ian Mitchell"
He is known for his deploys that have caused Discord's prod deployment to crash multiple times, exactly at 05/25/2022 09:38:26 Mitchell committed and pushed untested code to Discord's GitHub repository which instantly started a chain reaction in Discord's infrastructure, this is why this deploy was called internally called GRINCH.
Engineer: Ian deployed again.
Executive: Oh for fuck's sake!
by dirt 💖 June 25, 2022
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Ian's are lovable and sweet and always can make you laugh. They may have a hard time defending themselves but they will always defend you. Take care of and love an Ian you don't want to lose him.
He is soo sweet and loving he must be an Ian.
by brookec December 12, 2017
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Ians are generally very intelligent, mentally gifted people. They can think on a much higher level than the average person. Ians are silly, quiet guys. They can be very funny when they talk. They only talk when they feel that its needed, and only if they think its worth spending the time saying it. An easy going guy, doesn't take much to make him happy and he laughs at almost everything. A pacifist, fairly easy to pick on but if he takes it personally he will retaliate strongly. A very determined individual, he will set high goals and make sure he achieves them. Ians try to become friends with everybody, he doesn't like having enemies. He doesn't like picking sides among peer disputes. Ians don't mind awkward silences if you are with them, even if you aren't talking with him and it is quiet, don't take it uncomfortably. Dick size is in the high end of average sizes, about 7 inches.
Guy: Look at Ian, wanna mess with him?

Guy 2: No dude, Ian is awesome!
by MTL1337 April 25, 2010
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Simply the most amazing, perfect, breathtaking, heart stopping individual to ever grace the earth with his presence. You know the Dark Ages? That happened because he wasn't here.

Astoundingly intelligent, hilariously witty, amazingly beautiful, and simply the epitomé of sheer awesomeness. Any words that you can think of that is any way complementary embodies everything that Ian is. Every time someone says the word "Ian" Chuck Norris' hearts stops. The only reason he isn't dead yet is because he's immortal. Like Ian.

Ian selects his friends carefully, as only people who -in some way- reflect his awesome ideals are given the absolute honour and privilege of being called a friend of Ian. Many have died due to sheer ecstasy simply thinking of being named a friend of Ian. The highest honour possibly given to a human being on this planet is being named "Ian's Best Friend", but the position is currently vacant due to the last candidate's head exploding trying to wrap their head around the concept.
Sam: "You know Ian, right?"

Jason: "Of course I know IAN, he's only the supreme emperor of the entire multiverse!"

Sam: "Yeah, well, I heard one time he kicked Chuck Norris in the balls and he thanked him for it"

Jason: "I wouldn't doubt it for a second, it is Ian after all"
by Axires September 26, 2011
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Ians are either an asshole, or an awesome person, there is NO in between
Example 1: Ian is pretty swell guy! good to hang around with

Example 2: make sure you STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM IAN AS POSSIBLE
by Mr.Senoir April 14, 2020
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