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Who knows what its used for these days.
"And I spun it, and I spun it, and I spun it, AND THEN I SLAMMED MY FINGER DOWN and that's why I decided to invade Iraq."
by JBo May 28, 2005

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Used to state that there is a horny gay man in close proximity of a group of males.
Whoa! Homo erectus! Everybody, shut your buttholes, there's a homo with a boner on the loose
by JBo April 06, 2005

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a few towns grouped together on Long Island, in New York. Hamptonites call NYC-ers cidiots, NYC-ers call Hamptonites lidiots, any third party calls them both retards for being such unfriendly pricks to each other and everyone else.
alright, the Hamptons, so you've got Kelly Ripa. do the rest of us a favor and keep her there
by JBo July 12, 2005

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Co-host of Wheel of Fortune.

Pat Sajak's bitch.
by JBo May 28, 2005

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A small penis so microscopic, it can only be used for liquid evacuation and not sexual stimulation. NOTE: any person of any race, religion, or gender can have a peenub. also see: Front-Bum
Hey Katrina... look at that peenub... up in the sky!

Hey Kittie... show me your peenub.

Nick, along with Dolly, only have little peenubs.
by JBo February 13, 2005

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A bum... in the front. Also see: peenub
Keep icing your frontbum! Icing stops the swelling... AND I NEED YOU.
by JBo February 13, 2005

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A game often played by pre-teens who have run out of pot and need to occupy themselves. First, all the Cardinals convene, then when a new Pope is chosen, white smoke billows out of the empty bong. The new Pope chooses his royal name (something to the effect of G-Money, or Pube XVI), and then his position is secured by placing an empty Fedex box on his head.
Good times playing Fedex Pope.
by JBo May 28, 2005

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