the fours Fs
1. French
2. Feel
3. Finger
4. Fuck
Last night, my boyfriend and I went to 3rd, we were so close to taking all four!
by Chrissy C. March 20, 2005
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Baseball terms used as sexual metaphors. Most commonly referring to the bases.
1st base= Kissing, french kissing
2nd base= Groping, feeling, fingering
3rd base= Oral sex, 69, handjob, pretty much anything but all-out sex
Home run= Full-on sex, penetration

Many people have different variations for first, second, and third base.
Person 1: Yo, last night I got to 2nd base with your girlfriend!
Person 2: Well I hit a home run with your mom!

Kid: Dad, tell me about the bases!
Dad: Son... stfu
by Ass Kicka November 13, 2010
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first base-making out
second base-gettin felt up
third base-giving head,hand job,etc
home run-sex
by jeska November 22, 2003
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Theirs many verisons but all together they usually come to be the same at one point.

First Base- Frenching
Second Base- Feeling
Third Base- Oral sex, Fingering, Giving Head, Hand Job,...Etc...
Home Run- Sex
"Last Night me and my boyfriend went to third base and almost to a home run!!"
by JuLiA August 21, 2004
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"Sex Bases"

In relation to baseball, these terms are used as describing how far someone has gone with someone sexually. 4 F's.

1st Base: French (Makeing-out, french kissing)
2nd Base: Feel (getting felt up, feeling eachothers genitals)
3rd Base: Finger ("fingering", blowjob, handjob ECT)
Home Run: Fuck (AKA: "Going all the way" ie: having sex)

French, Feel, Finger, Fuck.
Me and my boyfriend hit two bases last night!
by Lindzey March 25, 2008
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