A brand of flavored vodkas. Though the line includes UV Green (Apple), UV Red (Cherry), UV Ivory (Vanilla), and UV Orange (Orange), the most popular is UV Blue, which is Blue Raspberry flavored. UV is good for mixing, but is often taken as shots by sorority chicks and other lightweight drinkers. Very popular at college parties, shots are often sold for $1.
At the kegger, Sara didn't like beer, so she paid a dollar and got a shot of UV.
by J. Eklow February 06, 2005
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Bill: Hey man i'm about to take Jill's Virginity
Fred: Oh man, sorry but shes a UV already man
Bill: Oh shit really! I hate UV's, I only like the virgins.
by stronghunter June 04, 2011
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Sometimes used to call people gay.
Mr. Morrison went to the store to buy some UV plasma inductors in cans of pudding.
by G_Force April 21, 2003
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abbreviation for "you have". used mostly online to shorten communication time.
also see ude
amasiunculatua: ude...im going to add that to urban dictionary
Fishsticks731: ok
Fishsticks731: uve never heard that?
by gennabuzz April 19, 2005
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He is a smart and hot person. He has good personality and gets alle the Girls.
by Dr swanson June 01, 2020
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You have
Uv got what it takes, mate.
by Hercolena Oliver April 17, 2009
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It’s the deep bound between Kalysta and Marcus. The word uve is there meaning full way of saying they love each other bound death itself. The word is the best way to describe them as a couple.
Kalysta, I uve you!
by Diesel & Oreo September 29, 2020
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