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'You got soem buddah to smoke?'
by Ivan December 26, 2002
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She's got a great personality, but that's a bad dial.
by Ivan January 24, 2004
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Exactly the same as Chav, Ned, Townie, Kev, Charver, Steek, Spide, Bazza, Yarco, Ratboy, Kappa Slapper, Skanger, Janner, Stig, Scallie and Scrut. Please use www.chavscum.co.uk for further reference.
Man this place is full of scrubbers! Lets shift.
by Ivan February 5, 2004
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And word commonly used in place of "new," particularily The WB Network.
A fresh episode of Smallville is only five minutes away, here on The WB.
by Ivan February 2, 2005
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A greatly original electronic melodic band from iceland. Icelandic girls voices singing english is always amazing.
"Hi, im in the band múm, and we will never go to Florida! Ha!"
by Ivan January 21, 2004
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To go crazy; postal

Taken from Kill Bill's star. Uma Thurman
by Ivan August 9, 2004
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