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He is the sexiest man alive and really sweet and so fuking attractive!!!
totally fukable
by Ivan May 26, 2004

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The male version of a Diva
The boy would not drink tap water because he is a straight up Divo!
by Ivan May 11, 2003

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weed, chronic, cannabis
'You got soem buddah to smoke?'
by Ivan December 25, 2002

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A very good basketball player. Loves not to be gay. He is very handsome
Look it's Ivan
by Ivan February 08, 2004

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(chiefly military) acronym for "F*ck you, buddy. I'm just a reservist."
Used primarily during annual two-week activation period required of all military reservists.
Petty Officer - Johnson, you're on garbage detail.
Johnson - (muttered) Fubijar.
by Ivan January 23, 2004

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A non-threatening male usually seen socially in the company of more than three females. May or may not be homosexual, but not romantically attached to any of his escorts.
Bar Patron: Man, go talk to her.
Bar Patron #2: Aw, man that dude is haning out with them.
Bar Patron: Him? Aw, that chump is a male cheerleader. He ain't hittin' that.
by ivan April 20, 2004

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best fricking paintball company made
i have a tippmann A-5
by ivan May 06, 2003

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