38 definitions by Ivan

'You got soem buddah to smoke?'
by Ivan December 26, 2002

Describes porn content, one of many abbreviations.
An mf hardcore porn.
by Ivan March 1, 2005
when skin slips of a corpse. just slides right off. just think, it's going on right now, down the street. slippage
a body is lying there and all of a sudden some of the shoulder just slides off. slippage!
by Ivan August 2, 2004
She's got a great personality, but that's a bad dial.
by Ivan January 24, 2004
Exactly the same as Chav, Ned, Townie, Kev, Charver, Steek, Spide, Bazza, Yarco, Ratboy, Kappa Slapper, Skanger, Janner, Stig, Scallie and Scrut. Please use www.chavscum.co.uk for further reference.
Man this place is full of scrubbers! Lets shift.
by Ivan February 5, 2004
1.(av,n) Fucked-up looking nipples.
1.Shane Reese took off his shirt and I saw his big shitnips.

2.This bitch has the worst shitnips I have ever seen!

3.DAMN, look at those big shitnips!
by Ivan November 16, 2004