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The arse.
Mr Winton wants to deliver the sausage to the tradesman's entrance.
by Ian Chode April 04, 2003

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In football (soccer), a nutmeg is where you pass the ball through an opponent's legs. This doesn't have to be the goal keeper.
I nutmegged him!
by Ian Chode March 04, 2004

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Something that is good.
Yeah, that Simon, he's sound, mate.
by Ian Chode April 03, 2003

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It's giving me some jip.
by Ian Chode April 08, 2003

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Can also be a "policy wonk". A person who looks into all the technical details of implementing a political policy, usually a back-room boy either in a political party or working for the government.
That's the general idea, we'll leave it to the policy wonks to figure out all the details.
by Ian Chode August 30, 2004

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Of a penis: to ejaculate.
Mr A: My cock exploded and covered her in jizz. In fact, it caused her a middle ear infection.
Mr B: Slag!
by Ian Chode September 14, 2003

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A day out from work, ostensibly on some kind of work-based mission but actually just going for a laugh.
We went to the National Gallery to do some research - that was nice little jolly!
by Ian Chode April 02, 2003

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