A cool guy, who can run like the wind.
He's got a perfect smile and smile lines. He is a top academic and gets anyone he wants. ;) He may be short, but he can take you down. Everyone loves being around Jnr.
I wish Jnr was in love with me.
Jnr is such a nice guy, it's a pity he's taken.
by PewdiepiePredator November 17, 2019
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Scotsman of english descent who is obsessed with the womans breast. He is also a very funny guy who likes to slag people of different coulture and country .
"Omg on the alton towers bus i need to feel some tit"said man
"what about that new polish girl?"said person
"No way shes and immigrant" said man
"Your such a JNR"said person
by John Neil Rice June 17, 2008
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A really unpopular YouTube non-sensation who is at this rate never reaching monetization.
Wow, that youtuber DJD JNR is really bad at creating content.
by Danker fax April 12, 2021
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a band with a air raid transexual as a singer.
jerry dont like this band,but knows them well...

a wierd hatred....
by jon November 05, 2003
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Very very shit nu-metal / skate / grunge band that split up acrimoniously after some gay rock magazine had the temerity to slate them. Now used as a generic term for any band that suck shit.
"Jnr Loaded were expelled from Satan's rectum"
"The Stones used to be good, they're fucking Jnr Loaded now"
by Jerry Winston September 09, 2003
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Someone who does more travelling then work. Normally to the coast or just as far as possible without having to get on a plane. Thinks they should be eligible for the pension at 45. Also has a weird obsession with TK
Oh look there goes ‘Leo jnr’ up north again
by Whitey69 October 21, 2018
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