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An intensifier; much like the word 'fucking'. Much more intense when used in proper context. However, unlike fucking, it cannot be used as a synonym for the act of fornication.
There hasn't been a good Sonic the Hedgehog game in over a Cunting decade!
by I hope Skrillex dies October 21, 2014
Just like the song says, it really is the spirit of America. Beautiful country, great schools, great food, rich history, intelligent people. Not to mention real weather. New England has everything, from oceans to mountains to lakes to countryside to cities. Best sports teams too. I mean there is a damn good reason why you New York bastards flock up here every year like seagulls to breadcrumbs.

People hate us because are the last remaining bit of what America was founded on.

New England? Nah, more like Old America...
To all people not from New England...

Don't hate us because we still have standards.
by I hope Skrillex dies June 29, 2009
When you have a whole meal at one place, then go right to another to place and have another one...bang bang.
We just ate a ton of food at this Indian place and now this...bang bang
by I hope Skrillex dies May 20, 2014
Arguably, the best multiplayer game ever created. Team Fortress 2 is the award-winning, critically acclaimed sequel to the Quake mod, Team Fortress. Team Fortress 2 ditches the realistic, war-torn style of the original and goes with a cartoon look resembling a Pixar movie. The reason VALVe went with this look is because they stated that having a realistic game presented too many issues of gameplay restrictions and it resembled Counter-Strike too much. They went for their very own distinct style and many people agree it's much better than what was shown earlier than in development. The RED team has bright colors to match the rural, woodworking side of the map while the BLU team sports cool, soothing colors to match their industrial side of the map. The art design in general is extremely well done, both aesthetically and to help make everything extremely distinguishable.

Team Fortress 2 was originally slated for release back in 1999, but it was delayed for 8 years and years after silence from Valve the game was officially labeled as vaporware. Finally, Valve presented Team Fortress 2 in all it's cartoon glory at E3 2006. The reception was overwhelming positive. Fans were awe struck at the great graphics and animations the game sported, along with a distinct personality, hilarious voiceovers and backstory for each class to help bring the game to life. Each class was specifically designed to be so unique that you could pick them out with ease in a silhouette lineup. Valve also was focusing on the casual gamers this time around, simplifying aspects like removing unnecessary sidearms and grenades(thank the lord for this). Each class has a unique primary weapon, a sidearm(usually a pistol or shotgun), and a unique melee weapon. This time around, VALVe made sure to focus the player on teamwork rather than fancy jumptricks and grenade spam. The game was finally released in October 2007 alongside the Orange Box, with unanimous praise from just about every gaming review site/magazine in existence.

Team Fortress 2 may seem overwhelming at first due to the sheer chaos of the game and the distinct play styles of each class, but you will get used to all of it within a few hours. The pace of the game is slower than the first to help the newbies out. The gameplay is pretty simple once you work out the mechanics. As of now there are 6 gameplay modes. There's your standard capture the flag. There's Capture Point which is basically to Capture designated points on the map as specified. Then there is Territory Control which is basically Capture Point but the map changes around depending on who wins. There's also the popular Payload mode which is the BLU team has to push a bomb on wheels into the RED team's base, while the RED team does everything it can to stop the bomb. There is Double Payload which is just Payload but the teams are racing each other. Finally there is Arena mode, which is basically like Counter-Strike where you try to eliminate the opposing team in a single-round.

Team Fortress 2 contains 9 unique classes all designed with specific strengths and weaknesses. They are split into categories: Offense contains the Scout, Soldier, and Pyro. Defense contains the Demoman, Heavy and Engineer. Special contains the Medic, Sniper and Spy.

The 9 years of development really payed off for this game, as it's constant emphasis of teamwork and balance truly make this one of the best multiplayer games of all time. Teamwork is the only way to succeed in this game, and solo play is generally frowned upon. The ease of the game combined with the almost unlimited depth make this appeal to everyone, whether you play once a week or 8 hours a day, you are sure to enjoy yourself without getting frustrated, as the game was designed for those exact reasons.

There is also a huge amount of ongoing support from VALVe, overhauling each class one at a time with new weapons, new voice lines, new achievements and new maps all for free. As of this definition, 6 of the 9 classes have been overhauled. The game also sports an extensive modding community with over a thousand custom maps so far.*

I'm going to wrap this up now since it's getting long and I could go on and on forever about this game but I will leave you with this; every self-respecting gamer should own this game. It really is that damn good.

*The above is only specific to the PC version.
I have over 600 hours logged into Team Fortress 2 as of now.
by I hope Skrillex dies July 12, 2009
A ridiculous good heavy metal band formed in 2003 hailing from Austin Texas. They remind me of why I love metal in the first place. Their sound is a throwback to old school metal acts like Black Sabbath. While not the most technical band out there(there riffs kick ass though), but god damn are their songs catchy. Everyone of their songs are equally as amazing, and none of them feel like filler at all. Their lyrics mostly center on Norse and other mythological stories.

No overly wanky guitar solos, no constant double bass, no stupid cookie monster growling vocals. Just pure, raw, old-school heavy metal. The Sword is what metal is all about and are the best modern metal band within a decade.

Current albums:
Age of Winters - 2006
Gods of the Earth - 2008

All their songs are available on their myspace or youtube pages, so just type in The Sword to hear them all.(I'm not allowed to post links).

I will never forgive myself for missing them at the Metallica concert back in January
The Sword kicks your fucking ass.
by I hope Skrillex dies July 11, 2009