Doing everything yourself while the dumb fucks your stuck with leech off you like worthless parasites.
I always gave to use teamwork to pass my group projects while the dumb fucks i am paired with share the credit.
by mtn dew m8 August 31, 2017
A bunch of mothafuckas doing what the fuck I say
Y'all mothafuckas use some teamwork and unload this truck.
by Unklekano July 16, 2017
holding the wheel while your buddy is driving so he can throw up out the door
we used teamwork while doing 70 down the highway
by sinxwishes November 20, 2008
A given posibility to blame others.
I like teamwork since theres always someone to blame
by Toronto Raptors January 26, 2008
There is no I in drunk.
Tommy is drunk, lets use teamwork to carry him to the car
by Parsinator May 21, 2004
The cop out for any fellow employee on a beautiful day that suddenly gets "sick".
Thank you fellow Teamworkers for taking out the "team" part and making it just work.
by stickittoyouandlaugh April 24, 2012
A lot of people doing what I say
My boss promotes teamwork to make sure he makes enough money
by DarkCreature July 27, 2006