13 definitions by Human

1. A giant sno-cone floating in space.
2. That damn dog I wanna kill.
Here Pluto. Hat this cartoonish looking dog food that looks like cat shit. I swear it's not poisoned with Arsenic!
by Human July 29, 2003
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A biased feminist program that expresses female superiority, baby story reruns, and that stereotypical bitch, Oprah.
"Women will rule the world"

Fuck them...
by Human July 29, 2003
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Italian songwriter, singer, pluri-instrumentalist. Nomad of the east, spends much time in the Himalayas and traveling around with a backpack and a video camera. Makes Videotrips which he shares on his website
you can have a gimpse of his world through www.yari.tv
by Human January 7, 2005
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