He is the most perfect human in earth. You are lucky if you have an Edu in your life because he will try to make you the happiest person, he will always take care of you and he will make sure that you always know how much he apreciates and loves you. He is someone that always gets noticed because of how handsome he is, although he doesn’t think that’s true. He can be an overthinker sometimes, so you have to take care that he knows how much you love him. He has big aspirations in life and also wants to be with someone who shares his big aspirations.
Me: Should I date this guy?
Friend: For sure, he is an Edu, he is going to be the best boyfriend in this world!!
by 22/02/2019 November 22, 2021
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The sickest nickname for weed ever... You can use it in casual converstaion at school, in front of your parents... WHATEVER! ... invented by the amazing stoners from the International Secondary School Eindhoven, btw.
example one:
Stoner 1: (in front of teacher) Dude lets go edu after class.
Stoner 2: Yea, chill man, i need myself a good hit.
Teacher: (thinks) What the fuck are they talking about???
example two:
Stoner 1: Dude this is some good fucking edu man..
Stoner 2: Yea man, its fresh from the shop.. nice and sticky.
Stoner 3: I AM FUCKING EDU-ED!!!!
by thecrimsonking July 7, 2010
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Edues' are creepy weirdos that are the type of people to kill their parents for more game time on an Xbox or PlayStation. Edues' are fat and not charming at all, they make sex jokes a lot but they don't do them well cause they are virgins for life. They always have fight with syblings and start destroying stuff cause they are fat and too lazy to just chase them and too fat to have a decent accuracy.
Girl 1: All this fat boy does is talk shit, he's probably a no-lifer.
Girl 2: Of course he's a no-lifer! He's an Edue.
by Rejoicing January 7, 2017
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Slang for 'hiya, how are you?', used especially in surprise.
person A: 'I haven't seen Soph in ages....'
Soph walks through the door
person A: 'Edu!!'
by Missy99 January 18, 2006
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Preferably a nice funny guy, a big person. He pops a big fat manu. Edu is a name for a very fat person. Edu can be used to blame someone
Bro This Guy Looks Like Edu.
EDUUU WHy did you do that big fat manu
by goatedisnotcringe-_- December 7, 2021
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A stumbling idiot who can barely speak his own language
A:Ohey Dud how r u?
B:Please don't be an edu,speak like a normal person
by pr_Ares March 20, 2019
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