Jupiter is the best person you'll ever meet, they like to hang out with their friends. Jupiters could get pretty aggressive sometimes and will only be mean to you if you get on their bad side, they're also the nicest person you could ever meet! although Jupiters are sometimes sad and when that happens they never want to see anyone but they also want someone to tell them its okay. If you have a Jupiter, take care of them and dont lose them! they are very protective of their friends and will get mad if u mess with them. They love hugging people and talking.
Person 1: woah! have you seen that person? they look cool

Person 2: Yeah that's Jupiter! They're actually my friend, all i can say is that im very lucky to have them.

Person 1: i'm gonna go talk to them!
by helloiamcoolright September 27, 2021
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A city north of West Palm Beach, FL, located at the top of Palm Beach County. A great place to live. Lots of great restaurants as well.
Lets drive to Jupiter.
by Jackie January 17, 2005
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A very attractive person, they are very important to me<3 and uh otherwise known as epic person
I love Jupiter!

They are the best.
by Sunnyishot September 5, 2021
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A fairly shy guy that loves mortal kombat and freddie cougar and also takes glances at the girl he likes and he always has a warm smile that makes you want to smile too but he is so out of my league :(
He is just ... oddly dreamy
Girl1:omg he loves mortal kombat too
Girl2:ofc hes obviously a jupiter
by Vicelorrds June 20, 2017
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The largest known planet in the Solar System, with gravity about 2 times larger than earth and has a famed huge storm area known as the big red spot.
Jupiter sure is one big planet!
by Sirius123 May 8, 2007
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