1.Someone who's to attached to something... like a bandwagon, trend.
2. Making a rediculous assumption
Lil Wayne is the best in the game.... Man get off that
by Fanatic111689 January 18, 2010
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Originated in Detroit, Michigan. Phrase is used when one is having fun or feeling oneself
John: Man you saw the videos from last night at Diamonds?
Steve: Hell yeah man, we was getting off!

Tom: You saw DBrown's ig post flaming Peezy?
Jack: Yea he's been getting off lately since he got 10k followers
by 2 Stummers January 3, 2018
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1. To orgasm.
2. To enjoy tremendously. (Typically ~ on.)
1. Excuse me, but I have to go get off.
2. louis really gets off on adding definitions to the Urban Dictionary.
by The Grammar Nazi November 8, 2001
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a romantic term. it means to use you womanly charms to entice a boy into the web of love. oh ok then-snogging.
jill tryed to get off with joebob
by fayth June 1, 2005
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experiencing orgasm
she moaned as she was getting off from his fingering
by Dawn July 13, 2002
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1. Slang term that is most likely to have originated from Britain meaning to make out, pull or have casual sex.

2. To masturbate or have an orgasm.
If someone is able to 'get off' to something, they find it sexually arousing.

3. To enjoy something, most often used to express the 'high' attained by the use of drugs or else sexual relief.
1. "Jason got off with Jackie at that party last night- did you hear?"
"Wow really?! I am shocked! Shocked, I say!"

2. a) "Gee, I could really get off to some gay porn right now."

b) "I get off fourteen times a day!"

3. "I'm not really into drugs, but sometimes I get off to weed."
by Neilli August 20, 2007
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Detroit slang. It means to achieve a certain accomplishment in a fantastic display.
Guy: Yo u see Big Re dropped 100K on a rose gold??

Guy #2: Daaaaaaamn I’m sick he tryna get off like that!
by FeezyBambino July 25, 2018
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