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When Hollywood wants to make yet another chick flick and doesn't want to pay for talent (why would you in a chick flick) Gere's name comes right up.
Director Hoib Goldbaum: "Say, lets make a movie with a mindless plot with shameless exploitation of every human emotion, depicting a lapdog husband under the control of a beautiful middle aged soccer mom who dresses well and has suspicously young children with fake southern accents."

Producer Sol Horowitz: "So you don't think Gere's already working?"

Goldbaum: "Working? Yeah, he's working with a gerbil!"
by Hoze December 25, 2004

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A tenured Economics professor.
Pretrial discovery is beginning -- have we hired a shitwig yet?
by hoze November 23, 2003

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A clever old Jewish bastard who gets credit for all the good stuff, but eludes the blame for all the bad shit.
"When the tornado blew our trailer all the way to Pascagoula, thank God none of us was killed." WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK FUCKED UP YOUR TRAILER, YOU STUPID CRACKER-ASS BITCH???????????
by Hoze April 23, 2004

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The breath of a vegetarian. They sit around smuggly odering carrot juice and similar shit, thinking that they're the cat's meow, when in fact, you could weld with their breath.
He: This Volvo was owned by a Professor.

She: How do you know?

He: can't you smell the ass breath?
by Hoze December 20, 2004

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Digits of the human hand that during courtship (with any luck) small lkie fish.
Knock-knock. "Who's there?" Wilma. "Wilma who?" Wilma finger do until I get my pants off.
by hoze October 25, 2004

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The main thing that the cold prevents in Minnesota.
Say, Mom, we haven't screwed since the Truman administration, you betcha!
by hoze February 14, 2005

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A support system for a stainless steel exhaust tip for those who have micro dicks. A cramped little shitbox with a 5cc sewing machine motor. Something to bolt a grocery cart handle to while the zit faced asslick behind the wheel pretends that it's a spoiler.
I think I just squashed another Toyota.
by Hoze December 07, 2003

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