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Anal stimulation by a good thorough lickage
I gave Mrs Darcy a damned good asslicking last night. Then she gavce me an asslick back. Very nice woman.
by Licko August 03, 2006
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the licking of the freaken arse
diks if u don't understand that
go back to elementry skool
Wow that chick ass licked me last nite
it felt fucken weird, yet interestingly good
by HEADSHOT January 30, 2003
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Someone who is being stupid or annoying, another term for Asshole or bitch, created by the ever so famous j.kasper.
You fucking asslick! you just ruined my shirt.
Don't be an asslick, martin.
by j..kasper June 12, 2011
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A criminal offence that involves a person licking someone's asshole.
He was charged with ass lick.
by Lambooo August 02, 2018
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