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A term describing a blow job in which both the penis and testicles are enveloped in the giver's mouth. They take the whole buick: wheels, chassis and all.
Have you seen Julia Roberts' mouth? I bet she could give a mean buick!
by buicklover April 08, 2010
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Buicks are sadly underappreciated. Yes, they are all land yachts, and yes, they have a bad rep from old people not knowing how to drive them.

But they run forever, can survive a crash with nearly anything, and nine times out of ten, are faster than your little import four-banger.
Videos exist of the 1987 Buick Regal GNX schooling Corvettes and 5.0 Mustangs. Anyone who says Buicks are slow is grossly uneducated.
by Danny March 31, 2005
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Buick is the best make in the world. Any car racing a Turbo Buick is going to get it's shit ruined.
by shitruiner December 14, 2003
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Till recently a brand of nice, well optioned, large cars. Now just an overpriced, Chevrolets. Fewer models are offered and people cannot name a single current models. The Regal, Lesabre and Park Avenue were huge sellers so management decided to scrap them for the LaCrosse, Enclave(suv crossover)and Lucerne. Only reason I know what they are is cause I checked their website. Now you never see these new Buicks.

GMs usual mistake is hiring excutives that only look at the bottom line instead of what the consumer wants, what the consumer wants it to be call and what the consumer will pay for it. The bottom line would fix itself with sales and increased production.
Because GM, like most American companies are run by dumbshits it is likely that Buick and Pontiac will cease production in the next few years following the fate of Oldsmobile.

I remember not long ago when my brother bought a Regal for less than 20k. Now this Buick LaCrosse rubbish cost 28,700!

Even Tiger Woods cannot trick someone into paying 10 grand too much for a Buick.

Harley Earl is spinning in his grave watching these idiots ruining Buick and killing Oldsmobile.
by Harley Earl March 18, 2008
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Well-built American car that lasts a long time.
Yea, old people drive slow and own buicks, but i own a '76 buick century and im 17 and i drive fast and my steel body will crush your fiberglass shit.
by Chris November 09, 2004
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Car thats full of American pride and beats the yippie MTV certified import piece of crap u probably drive!
I'll take my Buick over your To-yo-yo!
by Sharpe J. November 01, 2004
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Buick was a premium automobile manufacturer that formed the financial foundation for the creation of General Motors in 1908. Since then, Buick has been a premium division of General Motors. For over 100 years, Buick has produced some of the most reliable and stylish American automobiles available to the world.

Buick is currently moving towards luxury status and is stretching out internationally. It is predicted that within the next few years Buick will have higher annual sales in Asia than in the US.
Buick's venerable reputation as a choice vehicle for "doctors" & “lawyers” was built upon their unmatched level of comfort and bullet-proof reliability that insured the doctor and lawyer would arrive at their appointments safely, in style, and respectably “on time” regardless of conditions.
by Revere April 07, 2004
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