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I so wish I was a Shiloh!
Shiloh’s are absolutely stunning inside and out, usually with long blonde hair and crimson eyes.
If you are friends with a Shiloh, DON’T let her go! You’ll regret it within an hour!
Shiloh’s are tough but lovable, and enjoy everything from reading to sports.
She is absolutely gorgeous, even though she doesn’t think so.
Some of the most caring people on Earth, and are put through a lot of tough problems, but this never stops her.
Guy: “Who’s that new girl? She’s so confident and so freaking beautiful in every way!”
Girl: “That’s Shiloh.”
Guy: “That explains it.”
by Horsesandorcasforever October 14, 2018

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Jonah is the sweetest and most honest person you will ever meet. Even if he disappears over the rainbow, you’d better go looking for him. Jonah is funny and loves to joke around with his friends. He will never tell a lie and never cheat on anything, especially his girl. He is loyal to his girlfriend and loves her as much as the moon loves the stars.

Jonah is a friend that you’d love to call a brother. He is helpful and is never embarrassed by being himself! Jonah’s are sporty and creative, overall a great guy to be around.

If you get ahold of a Jonah in your life, don’t let him go!
Mary: “Man, look at that guy go! He looks so confident!”
Elenor: “Yeah, that’s Jonah! He’s the best!”
by Horsesandorcasforever October 07, 2018

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The only thing that can be destroyed by saying its name.

“I’m going to go sit in the silence and ponder.”
by Horsesandorcasforever October 07, 2018

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Olivia is a girl that uses creativity as a superpower. Usually a writer or a reader, and loves fairy tales. She believes in different dimensions, but usually doesn’t say so. Olivia’s never forget anything and get embarrassed easily. Although they get embarrassed 24/7, Olivia’s have amazing friends, and can make friends with everybody.

Olivia’s are kind and generous, always afraid of swearing in front of anyone. They love to listen to music and sketch all day long, and they love everything about the water.

Olivia’s are friends with both genders, and have lots of friends because of this. They can be either serious athletes or hate sports all together, it really matters on which Olivia you’re friends with.

Type 1:
Outgoing, humorous, and very sweet. Loves to have fun and party, but could easily stay home from the party with a friend and just catch up. Also, she loves to read, write, and bake, but really doesn’t enjoy Math or History. Makes a great friend, and you want her to be your sister.

Type 2: This type of Olivia is very romantic, and loves to ready romance novels. She is super nutty with her friends, but quiet around acquaintances. She loves a good joke or a moonlit walk with her guy, and can really embarrass her friends at times. Haha (hilarious)

Type 3: A mix of type 1 and 2. That’s me.
Girl: “Oh man, Olivia just killed it on the dance floor. I had so much fun tonight! I want to hang out with her again!”
Guy: “Yeah, she has that amazing affect on people ❤️“
by Horsesandorcasforever October 06, 2018

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Eve is the most amazing person on earth. She really loves you when she says she does. This girl is athletic,kind, but still humble. Eve is perfect in every way.
Awesome, eve
by Horsesandorcasforever February 03, 2019

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One of the best SPORTS. EVER!
It’s hard.
But you know, skiing may be hard, but if you ski, consider yourself lucky to be able to learn a sport like this one.

Have fun.
Ski hard.
Angela: “I just went skiing last weekend.”
Shiloh: “Lucky, I can barely get down the mountain.”
by Horsesandorcasforever October 29, 2018

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A girl only for horses, and horses only.
guy: why is that girl constantly wearing horse stuff.

Girl: that’s Meg, duh. She’s a total horse lover.
by Horsesandorcasforever October 27, 2018

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