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The definition of ‘The best friend you could ever have.’ Charlottes are loyal, caring, funny and so incredibly smart. They always know how to make you laugh, cheer you up, and give you the best advice. You should feel so lucky to have a Charlotte in your life and even luckier to have one as your Bff. It wouldn’t matter if you ever get separated from her because you know that she will always be there for you.
Charlotte is honestly by far my favourite person in the world.
by HmmfCreator May 27, 2009

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A Japanese plant of the Cruciferae family with a thick green root. Known as 'Japanese horseradish', its root is used as a spice and has an extremely strong flavour.
What did sushi A say to sushi B?

by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009

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Yemen is a country located on the Arabian Peninsula in Southwest Asia.

Yemen is mentioned on an episode of the hit tv show 'Friends' in 'The One Where Old Yeller Dies.'

Dr. Ross Geller: I don't believe this. I miss, I miss the first time of everything. I missed, what, the first time he rolled over, the first time he crawled. What else did I miss? Has he spoken yet, is he driving, does he have a favorite liqueur?

Carol Willick: Actually, he is getting closer on the talking thing. He can't quite say mama yet, but once he said Yemen.
Dave: What's the capital of Yemen?
Sarah: What!?
by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009

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Commonly used between two BFFs, Mr Fox originated from the film, 'Vacancy.' In a scene where a man (Mr Fox) is trying to call the police because someone is trying to kill him in a hotel. Mr Fox is unknowingly speaking to the killer on the phone, until the man proceeds to call him by his name 'Mr Fox,' thus giving away the fact that he is infact the killer. Mr Fox then proceeds to run out of the phone booth towards his hotel room whilst the killer chases him in his car.

This name is not to be confused with 'Fantastic Mr Fox' which is a children's novel written by Roald Dahl, first published in the US by Alfred A. Knopf in 1970 with illustrations by Donald Chaffin.
Mason: 911 Emergency?

David Fox: Yeah, hello. We need some help. Some people are trying to kill us. Mason: Where are you located, sir? David Fox: Me and my wife, we're at this motel, the Pinewood Motel. It's near the mountains. They've got us trapped.

Mason: Who has you trapped, sir? David Fox: I don't know. We just need help. The Pinewood Motel.

Mason: Yes, sir. Do you have an address? David Fox: No! It's near some woods. Jesus Christ, look it up!

Mason: You're going to need to settle down, sir. You'll never survive if you lose control, Mr Fox. (David realizes he's talking to Mason.)

Mason: You shouldn't be wandering around in the dark by yourself.

Mary: Hoy!
Jen: Mr fox... is that you?
Mary: IT'S MR FOX!
by HmmfCreator June 11, 2009

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FatMingElephantSkinBraceletsCarvedByBlindNunsEatingGrass originated in 3000BC when overweight, unnatractive blind nuns peeled the dead skin off their pet and or stray elephants to make bracelets and other various forms of clothing to ensure that they were not naked during the winter. They did this by picking grass through their teeth until it was strong enough to bind the elephant skin together.
Susan: 'Oh my God i love your bracelet where did you get it?'
Maria: 'My great aunt was a blind nun back in the 80's, she weeved the bracelet together from elephant skin and grass.'
Susan: 'What!?'
Maria: 'Haven't you heard of FatMingElephantSkinBraceletsCarvedByBlindNunsEatingGrass??'
by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009

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An onomatopoeia, which is, you guessed it, commonly used between two BFFs. It usually occurs when one bff needs/wants to ring the other, and usually texts the other saying 'ring ring?' which in bff language translates to, 'can i ring you?'
Mary: Ring ring bee?
Jen: Ummm maybe later after revision.
Mary: Hmmf. Fine. Nvm. ring ring tomorow instead?
Jen: Well i'm kind of seeing sally tomorow..
Mary: HMMMF.

Mary: Hoy, ring ring?
Jen: Well I need to drop my mom off, then finish my homework, then do some revision, then make tea for my brother, then clean out the fish, then pick my mom up, then go to work, then have a shower...

Jen: Sorry we haven't been able to talk much lately.. but we can ring ring tomorow for a whole hour!
Mary: Really!??YAYBEE:)!
by HmmfCreator June 07, 2009

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A furthur developed nickname of 'Effness' (which originates from the 'f' in BFF.) The name Efflochness is generally used between two bff's, when one calls the other efflochness as a change from 'effness.'
Mary: Oh em gee love you efflochness!
Jen: efflochness?
Mary: Yeah it's like effness but with loch in the middle.
Jen: wowee!
by HmmfCreator May 28, 2009

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