40 definitions by Hlalakar

A dangerous dildo never intended to actually be used.
After mistaking a dildonot for her regular sex toy, Mary accidentally gave herself a prolapsed uterus.
by Hlalakar June 6, 2020
A small individual loaf of bread that may considers itself to be male, female, or neither.
It doesn't matter if you don't believe that kaiser gender roles are women. Using their preferred pronoun is just the polite thing to do.
by Hlalakar June 6, 2020
A rare colorless transparent mineral with the chemical formula of Na2Ca4(PO4)3F and found only in the Kola peninsula of Russia. Commonly mistaken for a fire type pokemon.
I was really lucky to find such an inexpensive arctite specimen.
by Hlalakar June 28, 2020
My timepiece asked me not to jack off in front of him because he's a straight tiktok.
by Hlalakar May 20, 2020
A high pitched fart that leaves behind an oily residue.
After I let loose a grease squeaker I had to throw away my underwear.
by Hlalakar June 7, 2020
A system of government where the people are ruled by bleeding vaginas
Gestonia's government is a menarche.
by Hlalakar May 14, 2020